About Us

Quality Is the Best Recipe

A History of Quality

A family company built upon a foundation of time-honored production methods passed down for four generations.
Our story began in the 1800s. When a humble Tea Shop known as the ‘Sekku Kade’ located on the only road to Colombo was a pit stop for bullock carts going towards Colombo to take a break, drink some tea and eat some freshly made snacks.
By 1954, both Colombo and her residents were culturally and culinarily different. Adapting to our patrons’ tastes, we began to specialize in bread-making. In a cry of assent, the ‘Chandrasiri Bakers’ name echoed through the neighborhood.
Throughout the 1960’s, we continued to see rapid growth and increased demand. To satisfy our patrons, we built a mobile distribution network focused on ensuring freshness and quality. Our bread became so popular that we began delivering bread to local shops for resale. In the 1980’s, we optimized our logistics capabilities and expanded into consumer supplies and pharmaceutical distribution.
Over the years, we remain dedicated to the craft of bread making, priding ourselves in our baking process. We invested in gourmet woodfire ovens to recreate the heat and humidity levels essential to turning out the golden color, perfectly crisp crust, and inner texture that characterize authentic Chandrasiri breads.

Come by and experience real taste.

Inspired by great fresh ingredients, our bakeries were transformed to a multi cuisine restaurant in 2014. We continue to fulfill the needs and desires of our guests with a menu of ingredient-inspired food. When you visit our restaurant, you’ll see real kitchens in place of assembly lines. You’ll hear the chopping of over 40 types of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, and the sizzle of our real panini grill. You’ll see the stove’s open flame and feel the warmth from our ovens working all day long. They’re the traditions we established years ago that we still passionately follow today.
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